As many of you are aware, prior to the Back to The 50's Weekend in the summer of 2007, we were notified that the bridge in the grove area of Cascade Park, would be closed. All "cruisers" would not be able to drive over it. What an inconvenience this would be for everyone.

Immediately following the Back to The 50's Weekend that year, Jimmy Lombardo, from The Dorals, and an avid car enthusiast, also an equipment operator for T. Bruce  Campbell Construction, approached us regarding the bridge dilema. He and Bob Smith, Vice President from Diamond Steel, Youngstown, Ohio, also  huge car fan himself, wanted to know what they could do to correct this problem.

To date, Jimmy and Bob have spent countless hours organizing a team of volunteers from various areas. They put together a "Bridge Committee" and appointed Paul Buck chairmen. Mr. Buck worked vigerously on this project to make sure the plan would come to fruition. Sadly on November 10, 2008, he passed away. Jim, Bob and all the volunteers wanted the bridge project to be finished in memory of Paul Buck.

These volunteers, do to their love of Cascade Park, and the Back to The 50's Weekend, have worked relentlessly, giving of their time and materials to rebuild the bridge.

We are thrilled to announce the bridge is completed!!!


Jimmy Lombardo
Bob Smith
T. Bruce Campbell Construction of West Middlesex, PA
Boardman Steel of Youngstown, Ohio
Diamond Steel & Construction of Youngstown, Ohio
​Struthers Metal and Service of Youngstown, Ohio
MS Consultants Inc. of Youngstown, Ohio
Equipment Rental Options, of New Castle, Pennsylvania
LMI, Lee Michaels Industries Inc., of New Castle, PA
The Dorals band of New Castle, Pennsylvania
Iron Workers Union Local 207
Operating Engineers Union Local 66
Labors Union Loca 964
Members of the Gear Busters Car Club;  Rich Pauline, Russ Shaner, Ron Hilliard, Denny Bevan, Russ Shaner Jr., Jason Durst, Nick Pauline, Gary Kelly, Lucian Paglia, 
Angel and Mercadies Shaner
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31st Annual
 June 30, July 1, 2,  2017
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